Our Team

Our team prides itself on our passion for action sports. As individuals, we all pride ourselves on our unique skills and expertise. As a team, we work together to bring positive activities to the community and further the progression of action sports.

Name: Ryan Johnson

Nickname: RJ

Position: General Manager & Marketing Director

Education: Marketing & Economics, University of Nevada, Reno

Years Skateboarding/Snowboarding: 17 years skateboarding, 19 years snowboarding

Why I do it: Action sports has shown me what it means to be determined, motivated and ambitious. They drive me work hard, not to just get better in sports, but life in general.

Stance: Regular

About Me: I am a management and marketing professional. I have over 10 years experience in the action sports industry with a love for snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, cycling, and other sports. My expertise lies in a variety of marketing skills around traditional and nontraditional media, and developing integrated marketing solutions. I am a marketer, entrepreneur, strategist and overall thinker.

Name: Alex Johnson

Position: Digital Media Manager

Education: Enrolled at Academy of Art University, BFA program

Years Skateboarding/Snowboarding: 17 years skateboarding, 17 years snowboarding

Why I do it: Action sports has always been my form of expression, and way for me to escape the problems all of us encounter in life. There is not much that can compare to the feeling of learning a new trick, after multiple crashes and failed attempts, you get back up and try again. These sports build character and determination in each and every person that participates.

Stance: Regular

About Me: I am a student in the Academy of Art University Web Design and New Media program. My education and passions have given me skills in photography, creative design, and many other aspects of the digital media world. I have skateboarded and snowboarded all my life, and I am hoping to inspire younger generations to follow the same positive path that action sports took me. My vision is to use my education to help promote the action sports culture and help these sports grow.

Name: Nick Tannura

Position: Instructor, Videographer, Sales Associate

Stance: Goofy

Years skateboarding: 18

Education: BA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, finishing graduation requirements abroad at University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Why I do it: Skateboarding has been my passion since my feet touched my first skateboard. While many other hobbies and interests fell to the side, skateboarding has always been there for me and has helped me overcome many personal obstacles, has introduced me to some of my best friends, and placed me into the culture of skateboarding, something that connects people all over the world.

About Me: All about having fun, working hard, and enjoying what you do.

Name: Raffaele Nucci

Nickname: Ralphie

Position: Sales Associate

Education: High School Class of 2014

Years skateboarding: 7 years

Stance: Goofy

Why I do it: Skateboarding has always had a positive influence in my life. Since day one, I’ve known that this is what I’ll be doing until the day that my body no longer functions.