Private & Semi-Private Skateboard Lessons


Our lesson programs cater to all skill levels and are tailored to each individual. The extensive, hands-on instruction helps children learn quickly and safely.

Details: Weekdays and Weekends*, 1 or 2 kids


Skateboarding is a form of art that has many unique styles and we offer instructions that cope with them all. Our curriculum is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate skaters of all ages.
Our beginner course covers safety, stance, kick turns, carving, ollies, dropping in, movement and the development of balance and coordination.
Our advanced course covers various tricks such as the nose slide, 50-50 Grind, kick flip, heel flip, varial flip, pop shuvit, rock n’ roll, rock to fakie, manual and many more depending on the child’s progression.
The information in our program is easy to understand and essential in preparing students to feel comfortable skating at skate parks. Taking our course will enable students to adapt more easily to the different kinds of terrain that they encounter.
Have a professionally trained staff that’s been in the industry for years and ready to instruct and demonstrate making the experience unbelievable.

Lesson Rates

Lesson Added Benefits Price
Private Lesson (1/2 Hour)
1 Session $25
4 Sessions 50% Off 1 Action T-shirt $80
8 Sessions Free Action T-shirt $140
Private Lesson (1 Hour)
1 Session $45
4 Sessions 50% Off 1 Action Deck $160
8 Sessions 1 Free Action Deck $280
Semi-Private (1 Hour)  (2 Kids)
1 Session $80
4 Sessions 50% Off 2 Action T-shirts $280
8 Sessions 2 Free Action T-shirts $480
Longboard Lesson (1 Hour)
1 Session $60
3 Sessions Free Action T-Shirt $160
1 Session Semi-Private $80

*During store hours; Based on available instructors